Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday, 6 September 2009


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We are not like any other club night. We invite people from all creative walks of life to participate.
Who do we want?
Film Makers.
We want you.
We are giving you the chance to exhibit your work at a brand new club night, either as a visual projection or placed in art gallery style on the wall. There is also the chance to be included in the club fanzine published each month & have your work posted on this blog.
We request that you send image based work to the email:
If you are a moving image person, then if under 10meg please send to the above address or upload to a file share program if any larger. Any problems moving image wise, please feel free to bombard us with emails....
....any successful submissions will receive free guestlist...


We want...
Passion for music.
A keen interest in DJing.
Someone that knows their way around a pair of decks.
If this is you & you want the chance to play at our club night, then we invite you to send us your mixes. If selected we will allow you the opportunity to DJ at our opening night on Wednesday 14th October at the Cockpit.
Email us at: